【麻倉憂】S級美女教師が生徒を自宅に暴走した生徒たちに犯されて性奴隷とされてしまった美女教師 終わらない輪姦

2014年9月24日 | 3P4P, フェラチオ, 大人のおもちゃ, 拘束プレイ, 調教, 過激 |
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生徒に自宅を乗っ取られた若妻女教師 美人妻が奴隷ペットと化す3日間の凌辱劇 麻倉憂



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Many, many people on this site have expressed concern or disdain for after an admittedly down year for him last season. He was often the whipping boy in the comments section when things weren’t going right. Heck, we have one high visibility poster here who seemingly ONLY checks in when HB is doing bad.

The Mark Jackson brand of ISO ball just didn’t fit his style of play and him being the offensive leader of the second unit (without a real NBA point guard to boot) should have had MJax checked into Napa state for a head exam. This season, with Falcon back in the starting lineup again, he’s rounding into playoff form over the last few games averaging 19 points a game in the last three contests. He’s driving, cutting to the basket, making shots and his jumper is looking smooth as ever. In short, he’s doing everything that we had expected him to be doing AND he’s still only 22!

I’m not saying that HB is on the type of career trajectory that is on but if Klay is any example of how young players DO get better with age, then Harrison is progressing just fine in my book. Its his third season in the NBA and both years that he has started the team has went to the playoffs, including as a rookie. That’s pretty powerful if you think about it.

My questions are pretty easy; Have your feelings towards Barnes changed? If so have they changed for the better or for worse? Can you see the progression in his game? Do any of you guys still think he is garbage? Have the last few games shown you what he can ultimately become, given the time? How about that jumper, isn’t it awesome? Does anyone still think that Iguodala should start at SF? Is his lottery status finally being felt? Does anyone miss that one poster that randomly drops in just to diss Barnes?

Also, I would like to send a shout-out to my fellow Fanposter Parvenu whose article on Barnes last month generated a lot of site hits and comments. If for some reason you didn’t check it out, don’t fret here’s the link :

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